The idea of being able to fast track your studies or take them at your own pace with no assignment deadlines is something that is an exciting experience when you choose to study online.

We quite often get asked “What is online learning and how will I access my course materials?”

Below is the answer to this question and others frequently asked about how you can study online and receive excellent results from your studies!

  • All of the study materials are available through an online student campus. Quite simply this is a portal where all your materials are uploaded for you to view.
  • From this portal you have a chat forum where you can communicate with your tutor and other students whilst you are studying.
  • As the course materials are only a log in a way, they are available to be accessed anytime and anywhere.
  • To make it easier for study sessions, most courses have materials that are also downloadable or printable.
  • All course assignments and classwork is submitted online through uploading to your online classroom so there is no need for posting or hand writing work and the submission status is easily viewed to keep you up to date with the marking of your assessments and how well you are doing in your course.
  • Usually submitting your assignments online also makes for a faster turnaround meaning that you are able to complete your studies sooner.