Study Smart Online offer a number of smaller, specialised courses that cater for a number of personal wants and professional needs.  

From how to train your dog, through to up skilling in your sales role, we have a course that would be exactly what you are looking for. The team at Study Smart Online take pride in offering a specialist area of studies in the form of our short courses. which can be the foundation for your career or provide you the knowledge and skills to seek the promotion that you desire. Or simply, offer you the chance to learn something new, that could lead to a career change or be the hobby you have been looking for to fill your weekends.

All of Study Smart Online courses are through distance education so that we can offer a course that would suit you no matter your time frame or where you live. 

Agriculture and Horticulture Courses

Flower Courses

  • Do you love working with your hands but aren't quite sure what you can do that allows you to be creative and business successful at the same time? Have you thought about floristry?


Aqua-Culture Courses

Farm Courses

Fruit Courses

Horticulture Courses

Hydroponic Courses

  • If you are looking to start in hydroponics then the Hydroponics for Beginners (I) course is a great introduction to develop the knowledge for hydroponic systems and the nutrient use required to help plants grow when in a hydroponic environment.

Irrigation Courses

Organic Farming Courses

  • As we develop stronger, sustainable farming practices, many farmers and home owners are moving towards developing their own organic farming practices to provide organic vegetables, herbs, fruit and meat for their families or on a commercial scale.

Soil Courses

  • The Soil Management (Crops) course will give you the chance to carry out simple tests and determine soil characteristics so that you can treat the soil to improve its ability to grow plants.

Vegetable Growing Courses

Viticulture Courses

  • The Viticulture course has been developed for those working in farming, winemaking, or would like to long term!

Weed Management Courses

  • The Weed Control course allows you to design management strategies and programs and apply control techniques efficiently and safely.

Animal Health and Pet Care Courses

Animal Health Courses