Check out the new courses that Courses Direct have on offer!

Courses Direct are constantly researching and developing new courses to create and provide for students. We seek to offer courses that you won't find anywhere else, and cater to niche areas of interest. See below the new range of courses we have on offer!

  • Build your skills, awareness and understanding of Graphic Design, whilst learning how it is applied commercially across a range of disciplines; ranging from marketing to publishing and beyond.

  • Learn more about the supervision process in counselling, and the theory and practice of supervision.

    A 100 hour course consisting of seven lessons covering; introduction to professional supervision, supervision models, ethics, confidentiality, approaches to supervision, managing supervision, supervision in other professions and much more.

    Suitable for counsellors interested in learning more about the supervision processes and the theories involved.

  • Genetics is important in an array of areas, such as plant science, animal science, nutrition, psychology, child behaviour and many more. This course aims to show you that the discipline of genetics can offer valuable insights to nurses, midwives and health visitors.


    An understanding of genetics will be more important as we move into the future, though it can be a difficult topic to understand if you don't have a proper grasp of the fundamentals. Grasping those fundamentals is what this course is all about!




  • Are you looking to move up the ladder or just enhance your management skills? For any company to have financial success, it must have first have a desirable product. This product must be in demand by a large proportion of the targeted demographic.

  • The purpose of this course is to teach you the fundamental concepts and applications of the Photoshop software, so that you can apply your skills and knowledge to any version you please.

  • Are you struggling to keep on top of your business accounts? Are you currently running or planning to run your own business? Are you looking for a simple user friendly accounting program for your business?

  • This practical business bookkeeping course is designed for people wishing to perform bookkeeping tasks using Xero in a wide range of industries and want to become a Certified Bookkeeper. Presented in plain language, this Business Bookkeeping course will give you a sound knowledge of the theory and practice of business bookkeeping.

  • Become a Certified Customer Service administrator with our nationally recognised qualification. Our online course will help you gain a qualification, upskill and obtain a job in front-line customer service and deliver exceptional and professional customer service.

  • Presented in plain language, the Certificate in Business Administration will give you a sound knowledge of the theory and practice of office administration and procedures. This online training course will familiarise you with the business environment and increase your job prospects with minimal disruption to your current commitments.

  • Business Accounting is a course that has been created so that you may have a thorough understanding of accounting principles if you were looking to possibly gain an accounts position, up skill in your business credentials for further promotion or to understand and manage the accounts of your own business.

  • Mind over body is not always possible. The body also influences the mind and much of what we consider basic human behaviour.  Learn to describe ways in which human psychology and human physiology influence each other and our behaviour.

  • This course builds on Biopsychology I, with further exploration of research into brain processes such as memory, and the effects of brain damage and other factors on those processes.  Those working or studying in the areas of counselling, psychology or health will benefit from the deeper understanding of the relationship between our physiological condition and our mental condition and behaviour that this course provides

  • Build the backbone of your career with Biochemistry II. This informative course focuses on the important building blocks of life such as: amino acids, proteins, sugars, polysaccharides, lipids, enzymes, vitamins, homones, RNA and DNA.

  • Biochemistry I (Animal) is an introductory course to biochemistry.  This course is similar to Biochemistry I (Plants) with a focus on animal biochemistry.  Biochemistry provides the knowledge base for all human and animals health studies

  • This course will deepen your knowledge of Biochemistry with an emphasis on plants. This is an advanced course in biochemistry that will give you a deep understanding on how life processes work, where living organism obtain their energy and nutrients and how these are processed to renew and develop new living materials.  A great course of horticulturalists and those interested in plant biochemical processes.

  • Further develop your knowledge of biochemistry. This course is designed for people working or wishing to work in a human or animal health or science related profession, as practitioner, educator or researcher.  

  • Developmental Disorders are conditions that develop in childhood which can cause a serious impairment in specific areas of the child’s development - emotional, psychological, or intellectual.

  • Children's Nutrition is increasingly popular, we've had hundreds of nutrition students successfully complete this course.  With further study, you can become a nutritionist with specialist knowledge in this area. Study at your own pace and receive tutor help and feedback as you progress through the course.

  • Build a solid career future in health and fitness!

  • This course develops the skills necessary for managing a small business, or a department within a larger business. Developed by professionals with many years of experience, it covers a range of topics that will ensure your career in Management has a strong foundation.

  • How we listen and respond to people in our daily lives is important. We may think we listen and pay attention, but do we really? Counselling skills is a useful course that considers the way we respond to others, looking at active listening, paraphrasing, feedback and more. A useful course for anyone who works or communicates with other people.

  • Learn about the different types of therapy that can be used to help clients. If you are a counsellor or want to be one, this is an indispensible part of your training or professional development.

  • Health and Fitness are simply some of many the different words used to describe people being in good condition. There are many different services and products on offer which promise to improve or maintain a state of wellbeing, and any (or all) of these goods and services might be considered to be part of the health and fitness industry. These can include things as variable as medical services through to fitness, sport, recreation and food.

  • Build on your knowledge of human fitness!  Could you confidently design and manage a fitness program? Firstly learn how to carry out effective fitness testing techniques for your clients and customers, as without fitness testing you can\'t create safe and beneficial programs!

  • Health and Fitness are only two of the many different words used to describe peoples physiological condition. The Health and Fitness industry is not a clearly defined industry, for it includes many aspects, and it overlaps onto many other fields, such a medicine, sports, recreation, tourism, education and so on. As you commence this course, your perception of the scope of this field may be limited, but by the time you complete the course, your perspective will have broadened considerably. Your ability to identify prospects for employment, and to pursue those that suit you, will have also broadened.