Statement of achievement

  • The Instructional and Supervisory Skills course is a comprehensive look into how you can effectively manage your workplace through leadership and initiating personal development measures for yourself and your employees.

  • This course outlines management theories and procedures, problem solving and decision making tactics, staff management, and more.

  • A motivated person is generally some one that is happy, healthy and satisfied in their life.

  • This course will develop your ability to carry out the various tasks associated with managing personnel, such as recruitment, training and controlling. Emphasis is placed on knowledge and methods that will improve workplace morale and productivity.

  • Learn more about the supervision process in counselling, and the theory and practice of supervision.

    A 100 hour course consisting of seven lessons covering; introduction to professional supervision, supervision models, ethics, confidentiality, approaches to supervision, managing supervision, supervision in other professions and much more.

    Suitable for counsellors interested in learning more about the supervision processes and the theories involved.

  • Are you looking to move up the ladder or just enhance your management skills? For any company to have financial success, it must have first have a desirable product. This product must be in demand by a large proportion of the targeted demographic.

  • Have you ever considered running a business of your own – working the hours you want with no one else to answer to but yourself? Why not make the break now and start earning the income you desire.

  • Are you currently wanting to start your own business but unsure how to manage it?

  • The key to a good business is its staff, and the key to good staff are their training and support from their supervisor!