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Join the profession of Business Coaches & pass on your experience & knowledge to others

Not only is this a career that is exciting and satisfying it is also very lucrative. Business Coaches are in huge demand and are currently commanding high incomes.


Course Outline
Course Code: 
100 hours - Access for 12 months
Statement of achievement
Lesson Structure: 
  1. Nature and Scope of Business Coaching
  2. The Initial Consultation
  3. Considering Alternative Actions
  4. Improving Productivity
  5. Marketing
  6. Building Better Staff
  7. Improving Resource Management
  8. Putting it all into Practice
Aims - the learning objectives of the course: 
  • Describe services that a business coach can offer clients; identify opportunities to work as a business coach; and develop an understanding of a business coachs role.
  • Understand how to gather relevant data and conduct an initial consultation with a client.
  • Explain the options for action to optimise the operation of a new or existing business.
  • Understand methods of providing business coaching to improve productivity.
  • Develop awareness of ways in which business coaching can improve marketing.
  • Discuss ways to provide business coaching to improve the recruitment, skills, performance and motivation of staff.
  • Understand how business coaching can be used to improve resource management.
  • Deliver a comprehensive business coaching service to a client.