What's Your Study Style?

Have you ever gotten the feeling that you just want to be by yourself to study and therefore reject the study date you had lined up with a friend? Or perhaps listening to recordings of study notes in the car helps you remember more than if you had written out the notes 100 times before?

To Study is to Change Your Life.

When we think about change we often don’t realise how often it occurs for us.

Whilst most of us have a fear of the unknown, we don’t stop to think that we adapt to changes all the time such as:

  • The coffee shop you frequent every morning on your way to work…it’s closed. You now need to find a new one. Change.
  • Your car has seen better days and is spending more time at the mechanic’s shed then parked in your garage, so it’s time for a new car. Change.
  • You join a gym to get fit as well as meet new people. Change.

Best Attributes for Effective Study

What attributes do you have that will allow you to achieve your study goals?