Study Smart Online United Kingdom has 400 possibilities for you to consider in your personal growth and professional development. With our base located in Birmingham, we have made it our mission to provide education to all students from the highly populated cities to the far reaching rural areas of any country. We can provide education to everyone, no matter where you are.

Founded in 2008, the dream of Study Smart Online is to be able to make education accessible to every student no matter what their geographical boundaries were. Study Smart Online came to fruition with the dedication of our team of passionate staff who set about providing the best courses and creating long standing partnerships with other providers who were like minded.

With the development of ELearning, we were able to provide courses that educate students for both personal and professional reasons. Studying can be both rewarding and motivational, driving most students to take the initiative to develop a career or continue their thirst for knowledge.

We see an opportunity as something that students can experience through undertaking education. It creates the opportunity for personal attributes such as building a strong work ethic and self-discipline which are admired traits both personally as well as professionally.

Our plan for the future is to continue providing the best possible service to our students with a constant focus on the learning experience and what we can do to take education to the next level.

We hope to make education accessible to more students with Study Smart Online taking the ELearning experience worldwide and reducing the limitations that other countries may face in the provision of distance education.

A message from our Directors:

The team at Study Smart Online are excited to welcome you to our online education facility.

Thank you for choosing to study with Study Smart Online . We are committed to assisting you on your journey as a student, and hope your online education experience with us is all that you would like it to be.

From previous experience in online learning, I believe the benefits gained from the experience enhance your chance of future accomplishments as you develop self-motivation, self-discipline and an independent work effort.

With the support from the Study Smart Online team and your perseverance and determination, we hope that once you have finished your studies you believe in yourself. Believing in yourself will help you achieve your goals and allow you to go on to aspire to greater things.